Say Goodbye to DRY...eyes that is!


Most of my siblings are wearing glasses. I have been wearing glasses since I was in high school. Fortunately, it hasn’t come to a point where I have to wear them all the time…not yet anyway. But as time goes by, I can already tell that whether I like it or not I don’t have a choice but to start wearing glasses almost all the time. I am not really crazy about the idea. I also have some friends who have some eye problems are in much more worse situation than I am because they can not function without the aid of their lenses. One of these friends is a traveler so wearing glasses is a big inconvenience for him. So instead of using the ‘goggles’, he prefers using contact lenses during his travels. He was the one that told me about Acuvue Oasys lens. He’s been using them for a while now.

He said that this contact lens makes his life much easier especially when he’s on the road. He cannot say enough good things about them so I am thinking of using them as well as soon as I have the need for them…which I think won’t be too long from now. With 1-800-GET-LENS, I can even get them at a much lower price – up to 70% lower than the retail price. And since I can get them online from this store, I don’t even have to get out of my house to buy them. Now that’s convenience!


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