Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center


One of the things that we will definitely do in the near future is to visit one of the gardens here in our state. I like walking in gardens and our little girl is very much fascinated with flowers right now. Actually, she’s fascinated with everything about nature. The only flowers we have in our property right now are weeds and she picks them up everytime she sees them. So we really want her to see the real flowers.

Aside from our local gardens, I also want to visit some other gardens in other states. One place I really want to see in person is Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center which is located in Orange, Texas. I have only heard good things about this place from my friends who visited the place themselves. I went to visit their website and I am just in awe how much there is to see in that place. Aside from presenting the beauty of nature, they also have a lot educational activities which is a big deal for me being a teacher myself. This week they are having the Earth Week Celebration which would have been a perfect for our little one. But I’m sure they will have more celebrations like this one so hopefully we’ll be able to take part in one of them in the future.

Not too long ago, Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center received a Platinum Certification for LEED-NC which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – New Construction. This is given by U.S. Green Building Council. After learning of this, my desire to visit the place has gotten even stronger. Not only would our little one enjoy and learn from it but I want to personally support any place that’s promoting eco-friendly projects. Why? This is because I now have a child who deserves a cleaner less polluted earth to live in the future. So anything I can do to help in promoting eco-friendly has to be done to ensure our little one will have a chance to live on a planet that is less harmful.


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