Shop for a Good Cause...


Back when I was still teaching, one of the things I enjoyed doing with my students was some fundraising. The lessons they learned during those fundraising events were as important if not more important than the lessons they learn inside the classroom. So I am always happy to learn that there are places like School Pop that supports such worthy causes like popular fundraisers for high schools. Since I am no longer actively teaching, I am also not able to participate in the fundraising activities I so enjoyed doing. But with School Pop and its fundraising programs, I don’t need to be teaching to be part of these programs. All I have to do is register with School Pop then I can choose the school that I want to support. Once I am a member, I will be actively participating with the fundraising of the school I am supporting. How? By doing what I normally do…like shopping to some stores that are partnered with School Pop. Yes, it’s that simple. It's like shopping for a good cause. Sweet!


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