Silver Anniversary....


Nope it's not our Silver Wedding Anniversary. It's actually my high school graduation silver anniversary. Yep, it's been 25 years since I graduated from high school. Well, that sure makes me feel O-L-D! Some of you out there are not even that old...hello Nelle! har har har....

Anyway, this 25th anniversary is not until next year - 2009. Usually it's celebrated during the Alumni Homecoming held every last Saturday of the year so it would be in December 2009. But as early as a few years ago, my high school classmates who are still in the Philippines have been meeting occasionally to plan for it.

Normally, the batch that's having the silver anniversary is not only planning for the gathering itself. The alumni usually plan for fund raising events and some other things to raise money that they can donate to the school. Yes, it's not the norm. But the school I went to in high school used to be supported by benefactors. Unfortunately, times got hard and the benefactors slowly got less and less to the point that the school almost closed down a few years ago. So as way of saying "thank you "for all that the school had done and is still doing for youths in our town, the alumni took it upon themselves to help keep it afloat.

So now my batch mates are meeting regularly to come up with something for the anniversary and I'm a bit sad that I can't be there to participate. I get regular updates though through emails and our alumni website. I just learned that they will be meeting tomorrow again to do some more brainstorming. I old or what??


Nelle said…
Okay let me do the math here.. hehe..
Ok Now I have an idea bout this numbers coz Ive been thinking bout it. hehe

HEY! honestly, I still cant believe that it is 25 years ago. which means I thought the figures are lower than that ;)

anyways, you're not old. its just numbers that can get into ur head at times, but still numbers. ALot of times personality kill those numbers u know. so ur safe. haha..
now i know why you said something about stair lifts!! LOL.

anyway, you don't need it yet. your still young (not doing any math here...hehehe)

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