So Tired...


My back is killing me but here I am still typing away. I'm trying to see if I can keep it up until midnight but I am not holding my breath. I had a long day trying to straighten up the house for our first 'potential buyer'. I have only done the home office a.k.a. dumpster. Well, not really a dumpster but a place where all the paperworks are kept. On top of the boxes, on the computer tables, on the hearth...I think you get the point. Anyway, I had to put them all in a box but it's tiring to sort them all. Argghhh...

Anyway, I still have some stuff to do there but it's manageable, I think. After that, it's the little one's bedroom. Actually her bedroom is almost empty because her toys are in a box already...well, majority of the toys. The problem is she cuts out boxes, papers etc and keeps them there in her bedroom. Get this: She has 2 toy computers - a Barbie one and a VTec one that looks like a real laptop. What does she do? She gets an empty cereal box and makes a computer out of it. Huh??? Oh, and she has a real computer of her own. Well, we only let her play there and do some typing but still...why does she cut up boxes to make one??? Anyway, that's just one of the 'toys' she still has in her bedroom...and tomorrow...they're all going in the trash... I think.

Hay....I better stop here as I am just venting away. I did my hopping today though. I think I visited most of my blogger friends...yay! So at least that is done....well, tomorrow's another day. Thanks to all those who came by....mwah!


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