Space Savers = Platform Beds


If not the dreamiest design, platform beds are certainly the roomiest. Because of the low profile of platform beds they make small rooms look bigger. Plus if you choose a modern storage platform bed frames you will be treating yourself to more than just a nice looking bed frame. Storage platform beds have unique features that allows you to effectively use the space under your bed for storage. Fitted with hydraulic lifts, storage platform beds can lift up like the hood on a car to reveal a large storage compartment the size of your bed!

For urban homes where space is limited storage platform bed are ideal. Their clean modern look fits in perfectly with contemporary d├ęcor and you won’t feel like your bed is taking up the entire room either. Who couldn’t use more storage space? Having a storage platform bed is the equivalent of adding an extra closet to your bedroom. Unlike a normal bed, when you have a storage platform bed you can easily see and access the entire space under your mattress. Plus when the mattress is down the compartment is sealed so you’re not storing your stuff with a bunch of dust bunnies.

So for those who are looking for a new bedroom set, consider the extra features that platform beds can offer. You may want to even consider platform beds with built in bedside tables or lights which brings us to the biggest benefit to a platform be…Style. Who doesn’t want a stylish and sexy, well designed bedroom free of clutter?


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