Time Will Tell....

My very first watch was a hand me down watch given to me by my uncle’s wife. I’m not quite sure how old I was when she gave it to me but I remember wearing it all the time. I only took it off when I had to take a shower. Then my father met this man who fixed watch for a living. From that time on, I was able to wear different brands of watches. I didn’t get to wear any luxury watch since I was very young then and I didn’t really care. As long as I had colorful watches, I was a happy camper. My father on the other hand was able to wear some Concord watches and some Longine watches because of that friend of his.

When I started working, I started buying me some watches that have more value than the colorful watches I was allowed to wear when I was a kid. I was saving to buy one or two luxury watches also but for some reasons, I was not able to do so. I guess my priorities shifted that I put that plan in the back burner. Today I still plan in splurging in one of those luxury watches like this Bulgari watch that I found online.

Normally, this kind of watch is listed at about $3,000 but since I found it at TheWatchery.com where they have discounted prices, I will be able to buy this watch at a much lower price. Aside from that, I also get a free luxury watch with it. And if I don’t want any of the free watches, I can choose a watch of my liking with 80% off. Just thinking about these freebies makes me want to buy the watch right now….but I’ll wait. Instead I will start dropping some hints to the husband about what I want for Mother’s Day or our Anniversary. Nice!


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