Toronto is Terrific...


Canada is a country that I planned visiting in the past. For reasons I couldn’t divulge here, that plan did not materialize. It does not mean though that I won’t visit Canada in the future, right? For one, I have a cousin who lives in Toronto and her Mom just relocated there about a year ago. Now I have some other reasons to visit the country. I don’t know much about Toronto so I started reading about it. Terrific Toronto, a website dedicated obviously about Toronto is a wealth of information for someone like me wanting to know more about it. It has information from theaters like AMC Theatres as well as hotels and events and other things that a prospective visitor like me can benefit from. I have bookmarked the page already so all I have to do is click on it when the time comes my plan of visiting this very close neighbor of the US happens.


toronto is great. no traffic. courteous people.clean.

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