Wesley Snipes


Yes, the actor, is sentenced to 3 years in prison on tax federal charges. It took almost the whole day today to come up with this sentence. Of course his lawyers are asking for no jail time with no fine. Helllloooo???

Snipes is blaming everyone else but himself with his tax problems. Why? He doesn't know what he signs? Anyway, he was acquitted of some other similar charges. I guess he is not so lucky this time. His co-defendants will be sentenced later on a later date. One is facing up to 10 years while the other one may get up to 6 years.

Hopefully, a lot of other famous people can learn from this. At least be aware of their financials....geez.


Ritchelle said…
Ayan dami kc pera kaya hinahabol ng taga revenue hahaha.

Pakidampot naman po ung rose(tag),hikhik.Salamat ng marami!
mjsterling said…
ayan ka dami dami pera ayaw mag bayad ng tax lol, tuloy kulungan ang baksak lol! magaling pa naman yan na actor lagi ko nga pina panuod yung gma movie niya.

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