Yep, I feel like "whew" right now. I am very tired so I need to take my much needed 'byuti' rest. I am sniffling like a teenager who just broke up with her boyfriend... only in my case...my allergy is in full blast. My ex-boyfriend [a.k.a. husband] is already in lala land because he has a headache. The little one is also down for the night...which leaves me as the only one fighting it....haha.

We went to the house earlier and we just cannot believe how sloppy the workers are. Well, it's not really 'that bad' but it just baffles us why they don't do it right the first time. Why do we need to complain about it? An example...they already put the kitchen sink with the faucets. Guess what? The head of one of the faucets is cracked...but it's installed? Why? They know they will have to change it, right? Why put it there in the first place? Another one: a window by the dining area...it wouldn't lock! It's not angled right that's why. They should have fixed it right away instead of us finding it crooked. Aarrggg...

There are still some other things that did not pass our QC but I'm too tired to list them all down. No wonder the husband has a headache now. They're not major things but still...they probably think we're not going to say a peep because they seem minor. Uh-uh...they don't know my husband...LOL!

Anyway....night everyone. See you when I see you! To all:


kala ko dito lang sa pinas ang ganyan trabaho. dyan din pala! ayoko na ng US pag april-may......grabe din ang reaction ko sa pollen.

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