Who's Busy???


Me! Me! Me! Whew...I am certainly busy today. Let's see my 'To Do List" today...

--->> Laundry [loads and loads of it] followed by what else but folding...

--->> School work for the little one..have to sit down for this one.

--->> Some unfinished opps...and hopping which I do on a daily basis as a courtesy to those I agreed to exchange links with.

--->> Main focus: Jot down all the loss, mainly financial loss, we suffered as a result of what the builder did to us in 2004. That is like about 4 years worth of documents to sort through...not fun.

--->> I have to do some cleaning somewhere in between. I am planning to vacuum and pack some more boxes but these 2 may have to wait for a later date...we'll see.

Hey, the list is not that long but I am certainly overwhelmed with it. It's probably because of those documents and what's on them that's making it all overwhelming.


shimumsy said…
hey, i don't mind all of that except for folding especially the tiny ones for my daughter.
Name said…
Hello ate Juliana,

:P Now the goddess is super busy hehe
Goodluck with all of that hey. take it easy. :D
take care

- Nelle
JeFF & NoVa said…
hi te juls... thats totally loads of work... sige lang, manageable bitaw.. ikaw pa????

thank you ayo sa imong mga paramdam... nahan jud kaayo ko as in.. kay i dont feel alone here....

mingaw ra ko nimo...*hugs*
Merydith said…
I hear ya Jul. It is Frankie's birthday party on Sunday and I have so much clothes to put away and cleaning. Yikes... so much to do for sure.

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