When you go to Yahoo News right now, I'm sure that you will see a picture of a newborn baby girl there. This is not your typical newborn baby though. Why? Because she's born with 2 faces. She's got 2 [or 2 sets] of everything on her face but her ears.

At first I thought it's probably like those cases of Siamese twins. But according to the article, she's born with an extremely rare condition called craniofacial duplication.

I always feel sad whenever I see or hear or read cases like this one. First, because I'm sure those in such situations will never have a normal life if they indeed live through it. Secondly, the exploitation is just unbelievable. I wonder how much those reporters got for those pictures they published of her.

The little girl looks like an angel. But how I wish they would take down those photos of her because it's just heartbreaking to see her in that condition.


ruby said…
my heart goes out to the baby!! ):
Bless said…
Yeah it's sad to hear stories like this.
Nelle said…
yeah, i saw this on the news awhile ago and its just sad to actually see the face of the baby.
Unknown said…
kawawa naman...bakit kaya merong ganon? tsk..tsk...tsk...

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