1, 2, 3 T-a-g-s! Yep, 3 in 1....


Got tagged last week. These are 3 of them, I think. I may have missed some so my apologies if I did. I'll try to get to them as soon as I remember where they are...hehe.

The first one is from Dez and Eds...thanks, ladies.
My First and Last Tag


* First real job: Teacher
* First screen name: matua, I think...
* First funeral: My maternal grandmother - I was 2 I think.
* First pet: Never had my own pet. We always had cats and dogs when I was younger.
* First piercing: Ears
* First tattoo: too chicken to get one...
* First credit card: It's not a credit card, per se. I got this 'booklet' which is in effect a credit card because all I had to do was present it to the cashier and voila...utang na yun... LOL!
* First kiss: Hmm...can't remember....*wink*
* First enemy: I can't remember...really. But I remember not talking to a good friend for years that started when I was in Gr. 6 and lasted until I was in 2nd year high school.


* Last car ride: Yesterday when we went to the new house.
* Last kiss: our little one a few minutes ago.

This second one is from Bluedreamer. He so generously included this blog in his list of interesting blogs last week. Thank you very much, Bluedreamer.

Interesting Blog...

The last one is from JK. It's a tag titled "How Painful Is It?"...It's a very interesting tag. Thanks much, JK!

How Painful is It?

Tag starts here: (copy & paste)Rules:

(1) Optional: Make a little introduction about the tag.
(2) Pick and upload a photo of what you consider is the most tragic event that you ever had/heard or watched.
(3) Express what made that event the most painful one for you.
(4) Tag along those people whom you think who would likely be interested to respond.
(5) let them know that this tag is entirely optional.

World Trade Center Twin Towers before 9/11/01 September 11 2001 01 New York City Manhattan Skyline USA God Bless America United States of NYC NY Great State I love the Big Apple Sept Eleven 9 11 2001 Terrorist Attack Fire Exploding

I think a lot of people find this event very painful. I have not witnessed anything like it. It happened during my first year here in the US and I was a few months pregnant with our little one then. I watched on TV as the second plane hit the second tower. I don't think anyone really knew the magnitude of what happened until a little later on. We all know now how this tragic event is affecting our lives as ordinary families and as a nation.

Anyone who wants to grab any of these 3 can do so. Just let me know so I can take a peek. Have an enjoyable weekend everyone!


Ritchelle said…
Haha,baha ang tags ah...napadaan lang po!
Juliana said…
Hi Jul,

Now is my turn, I am tagging you, You and Your children

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