80th Birthday...


Yep, today is my 80th birthday...you can't tell by looking at my pictures can you? That's the beauty of plastic surgery. Ha! Just kidding....today is actually the 80th birthday of my husband's Grandpop.

He's the step-Grandpop but he's the closest my husband has for a Grandpop so he's always been Grandpop to him. We just came back from his surprise birthday party. Mostly family but it's a good one since there's quite a few who came. Of course the little one was the one who had a blast. She's a social butterfly so she likes going to gatherings...just like her Momma. N-O-T!!

While we're there, I couldn't help but wonder if I and/or my husband will get that far. We just never know. How I wish there's way to know, eh? But life is about that, isn't it? Not knowing how long you have or how far you'll go. I guess we should just enjoy our time here and stop worrying about that.

That's our day today. We were not able to go to the property. I guess it's for the better since I don't really want to see that NOTHING has changed since the last time I was there. Oh, the plumber will be putting in the dishwasher and some other things tomorrow. They told us that the Health Department is waiting for that so they can pass the inspection already.


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