Address Stamps


It took years before my husband finally decided to take the plunge in starting a business of his own. Well, it’s not his business alone as he has a partner right now. Eversince we got together, all he wanted to do was that…start his own business. But there are a lot of things to consider before one could do that and the financial aspect of it is usually the biggest factor. And my husband and his partner didn’t have much of money when they went in their business. They are still not earning a lot but have enough to keep on going. They try to cut corners and save everytime they can. Their office supplies are usually the one where they can save a lot so finding affordable supplies is always a good thing for them.

I help if I can to do some searching for them like when they needed some affordable business cards. Lately, they have been wanting to buy a couple of address stamps. My husband hasn’t asked me to look for the stamps but I like to help so I did some search. Well, lo and behold I found address stamps at Vista Print that they will definitely like. Aside from being inexpensive, they also have a choice of using their company’s logo if they want to as they can upload their own design. I cannot wait to let them know about it. Maybe I should start charging, eh? Nah!


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