Allergies, Rain, Tag...3 in 1 Post!


I'm up! My allergy is under control right now as I went to bed when I said I would...but it does not mean I went to sleep right away! Darn! I was tossing and turning for about an hour before I finally went into not so deep slumber as I woke up with a stuffy nose at around 2:30 AM...buset talagang 'to!!

Anyway, we woke up with the rain this morning. Right now it's still raining...with a few thunders and lightning here and there. I may have to go offline for a few. I don't want my 'ancient' lappy to get fried or else I'll be in trouble.

And last but not the least, preggy Nancy tagged me! I guess she's on a break from E-A-T-I-N-G so she had the time to eat...I mean to do some blogging and tagging. Istu ya kanita Indang Nancy??? Anyway, thanks much for the tag...What's the title of this tag, by the way? Hmmm...


An Untitled Tag...

My Foundation: Just my facial oil...LOL!

My Blush: Don't need it because I have rosy cheeks...hahahaha...

My Day Cream: Again, my facial oil alone is enough

My Lipstick: I've got kissable lips so no need for that hahaha...but I have Revlon and Maybelline.

My Essential Beauty Product: Oil of Olay

My favorite Make-up product: Don't wear make-up anymore

My Perfume: Don't wear any but I have Gucci - Envy and Salvatore Ferragamo

My Nails: Used to have really short fingernails but the husband wants them to grow a bit so I let them grow a bit. No nail polish though. Toenails - short and nail polish free.

My Feet: Just body cream

My hands: Lotion - Bath and Body Works body cream

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Pantene, Bath and Body Works, Hershey's LOL!

Women I admire for their beauty: Preggy Nancy and Nancy alone ....hahaha

Women with the best Sense of Style: No one in particular

My ultimate dream: To remain beautiful...hahaha! Just kidding... a good life for our little girl.

My favorite fashion Publication: None....


JonaBQ said…
hitting 3 birds with 1 stone...bilib na talaga ko sa blogging skills mo hehe! hope you're fine :D
Lara said…
thanks for leaving a comment in my page... doing great here... hope you're doing great too.
Vhiel said…
hey sis, mig trade ta na ba technorati fave? but I am going to fave you right now..

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