Yep, I got a bit busy today. I have not done my hopping as I usually do. I did some 'hit backs' but that's about it. So what have I been up to?

Well, work for the most part. Today is also laundry day so I had to do that in between my coding. I didn't blog as you can probably tell from the lack of posts today. This is my first one for the day actually. I will probably do a couple more before I go to bed.

It's been rainy this Thursday afternoon in our neck of the woods. It's not hard rain but more of a drizzle. I guess that's good as it's been really dry last week so the weather man here was reminding us all the time of 'fire'. Now that problem is solved.

Some updates [again] about our house. I posted last week that the Project Manager was looking into doing the closing with the house this week. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and it won't be happening this week as it's already Friday tomorrow.

Actually after I posted the updates, my husband called to tell me that it may not happen for a couple of reasons. Sprinklers are needed to be installed before the sod is put. As it's almost summer, the sprinklers people are busy. The earliest time they can attend to us is this week...and they did it today. Yay! So either tomorrow or Saturday, the sod will be put already.

So the walk-thru is scheduled next week, Monday or Tuesday. Of course subject to change still. Fortunately my husband was able to get in the house early this week when the people that installed the AC were doing some test runs on the AC. So the husband was able to put the 'blue dots' around.

What are 'blue dots'? They are dots that are blue...haha. Well, they are used to mark the 'screw ups' that need fixings. Oh, the PM finally met with my husband today. They met in the house so the PM saw the blue dots already. Originally, we thought we would have to do blue dots during walk-thru. So I'm happy hubby was able to do that ahead. At least when we do the walk-thru, there will be less 'screw ups'...I hope!

Once everything is up to our satisfaction, the closing will take place. Yep, paper works again. So yeah, I can say it's only a matter of days before we can say the house is done...well, the house is DONE. It's mostly the outside we're waiting on right now.

That's my update for the week...hehe. I try to do updates once a week for my own record. At least I can go back and read what happened at what week.

See you all later. It's time to tend to our little one's bedtime rituals....


Vhiel said…
oh.. congrats on the house... :0)
i don't know yet. yong mga inutusan ko wala pang report. i'll follow it up. invite me naman sa house warming mo! send plane tickets!
Nova said…
uhmmm.. sounds great.. many pictures would be great... share ka naman sis....

excited nlng tuloy ang beauty ko to see your finished house...

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