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One of the misconceptions that others have of WAHM or work-at-home-moms like me is that we ‘own’ our time. That WAHMs like me can just do anything we want anytime or that we really don’t do anything but sit around waiting for things to happen. Not quite. It’s actually the opposite. Yes, our time is flexible but we still have to do things according to schedule. If we want to do some things, we usually schedule ahead of time and try to do it around everyone else’s schedule. That’s just the way it is. And if something unexpected happens, Moms are usually the ones who give in and alter their plans.

But what happens if there are tickets involve in the Mom’s plan? Will she just ditch the ticket and lose the money? Oh no, not mothers…especially WAHMs who know the value of money. Moms always try to find ways. For someone like me who works online, where else to look but, yes, online. This is how I found Free Ticket Exchange. It’s a site where one can buy and sell tickets for different events like concerts, sports events and plays. This is also a place where people with same interest can meet and be informed of their favorite events. So if you need to sell or buy any event ticket, visit Free Ticket Exchange and find what you’re looking for. Did I mention it’s free to use their service? Yes, it is. So what is there to lose?


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