Describe "ME" today???.. a Tag!

Something Purple tagged me...something that's she calls 'apt' to one of my recent posts...LOL! I think she's referring to my 'allergy' kalbaryo yesterday.... Thanks, girl. You're right, it's right on cue. Guess what...Blog Gurl also tagged me. So thanks, ladies!

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

Let's see how I feel today..

1.) I feel congested still.
2.) My nose is still sore..ha!
3.) I'm bloated...that's something 'constant'...haha
4.) I'm still tired even I had more sleep last night...not enough.
5.) I'm a bit bored...
6.) Anxious to hear what the 'dan'g builder will say about our house woes...

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Tagging: Nancy, Nancy and Nancy...she needs filler so I'm tagging her 3x.


hahaha ang bilis nga! thanks for doing the tag! goodnite!

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