Dispense - Administer or bestow, as in small portions...


While having a bath, the little one asked me what 'dispense' is. So I tried to explain it to her as clearly as I could. I even gave her an example: soft dispenser.

As always I asked her where she heard or read the word. Her answer?

"I always hear people say: The 'dispense' is killing me!"

LOL...oh my! She meant "suspense". I guess my explanation did not cover exactly what she really wanted to know, eh?

This also reminded me of something she said not too long ago while we were going through the different states and some information on each state that I asked her to memorize. One of the things she's supposed to memorize is the state motto.

Ohio state's motto is: "With God, All Things are Possible."

When I asked her what it is. Her answer was:

"With God, All Things are Available!"


honey said…
ehehhehe..she's so cute..natatawa lng din po ako... I am sure te, no boredom in your home...

Have a blessed day!

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