Dressing Up Mom's Way???

I guess it's normal for kids to do that? The thing is I can't remember me doing it...haha! Old na kasi me.

Anyway, our little girl likes to dress up just like any kids. She sometimes come out from her bedroom wearing tights over her shorts. She also likes hats a lot. She probably has about 12 or more and she uses them also. She just does not leave them laying around.

Today she's going around in her Mickey Mouse hat. There are days she would change her hat every hour.

But if there's something she likes to do best, it's putting on my clothes. I've snapped a few pictures of her in my clothes. Here are a couple of them.

This first one was taken when she was about 4. She went through the clean laundry in the hamper and put on Mommy's jammies...

This one was taken just last Tuesday. That's my 'mumu' she's wearing. Look at that pose!


Michelle said…
wow, what a pose! pang model! :)
Eds said…
uyy, may potential maging model girl mo sis! mana ba sa mother? hihi :)
Gorgeous MUM said…
your princess is sooo pretty! she looks tall for her age.

who knows, she might be the next ANTM!!!
she is very pretty just like her mom!
HulaGirl said…
kagandang bata, gusto ko magka baby girl kasi sarap bihisan hehehe

jull maraming salamat winner tayo, tayo kc dahil sa votes nyo i won kaya tayo ahihihi

again salamat talaga ill link ur blog as my way of saying THANK YOU SO MUCH

Anonymous said…
HUrrayyy kagandang bata naman nito. pahiram naman! Kagandang magbihis ay!
Anonymous said…
She's so cute, she looks up to you, idol ka nang iyong baby, kaya she loves dressing like you hehee:)
mylou said…
she's such a lovely girl like her mother:-)
honey said…
She's so adorable ate J, kaya gusto ko na talagang magka baby kasi I like to have an angel like her.
Unknown said…
so pretty. she has the making of a model.
ms marlene was very close to my eldest. she even used to come over for parties here in the house. we lost touch when the girls went to HS.
i've heard that she has ca. was that 8 yrs ago?

i know she lives somewhere in queensrow in bacoor.

kawawa naman ano. she has only one son di ba? binata na rin yon ngayon. sige. i'll remember her in my prayers.
i'll try to find out where she lives. there's a former MS Filipino teacher who now teaches in the same schl as my daughter. katawa nga kasi former teacher sya nun anak ko.

i can't recall her maiden name but everyone in the school calls her ginang. tulog pa yong anak ko e. hindi ko matanong.

anyway kahit na nga tambak problema ko e marami pa rin blessings.
Unknown said…

Fashionista ha? Very cute.

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