Feng Shui Your Bathroom


The philosophy and art of feng shui is intended to conduct the flow of positive energy, or chi, throughout your home. As a source of flowing water, your bathroom is a great place to begin.

First, sketch your bathroom, including fixtures, bathroom vanities, doors, and windows. Place a bagua over the sketch to decide on placement of bathroom features.

Try bathroom vanity mirrors for good lighting, ventilation, and cleanliness. Bathroom vanity mirrors will reflect the chi and keep it moving.

Don’t allow your faucet to drip, as this represents wasted money.

Keep a bowl of pebbles or flowers above the toilet. A little earth in your bathroom or on your bathroom vanity will help control the water.

Use a black or red rug at the toilet base to protect yourself against losing wealth.

Choose a bathroom vanity and wall colors that are light grey, cream-colored, or pale blue – unless your bathroom is in the center of the house. In this case, paint your walls and bathroom vanity red.


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