Good Morning..


Yeah,'s early...for me at least. I just thought I'd leave an early morning message here since I'm on here anyway. I'm going back to bed in a few...just to rest because I have a headache.

So I've been reading last night that the big G decided to award and spank some blogs. I didn't even know that it did until I hopped later in the evening as I was offline.

I checked my PR on the tatlong 'P'...and it's still there. I still saw some opps available for grabs for me late last night when I checked. I still have some until now as a matter of fact. The thing is I checked it using the other checker and it came out....drum rolls please!! Big fat BETLOG! Hahaha. I guess they have not updated their system yet. Late sila ngayon kasi dati on time.

Nope, I am not bummed about it. It's bound to happen sooner or later. I'm just glad it didn't happen sooner. Yung iba they only had it for a few days. Others, even for a shorter period of time. I read in one site yesterday that one blogger had a PR 4 for 5 hours! Yes, H-O-U-R-S!!!! She said that she was jumping up and down. I guess when she came down the last time, she crashed kasi biglang zero. It probably didn't even register to any of the paid sites.

So for those who got that much wanted PR....congratulations. We all deserve to get it. To my 'kabayans'....samantalahin nyo na yung PR bago mawala ulit. I did and I'm glad I did. To all those who lost a PR or 2,'s coming back...not in a while maybe but it will.

Ciao for now as my eyes are becoming 'tsinita' already because of my headache. See you all later.


hi juls. naku nakaka praning lang if i will be padala sa pr. grabe. i just don't think of it na lang!
Unknown said…
hmmm. just wondering, ano ba ung PR? page rank ba un? how do u monitor ur PR? sorry for the ignorance, just a new PPP postie kasi. hehe. thanks!
i hate PR!!! Hahaha! Pwede Real Rank nalang? Toink.

My Grim Angel blog was a PR 1 but naging PR 0 and don't know if it will come back. Good thing I signed up to the tatlong P and got several opps before I lost my PR hehehe.

Maybe that's why I built a new blog hahaha to start from scratch. I believe kasi nah Google gave me the thumbs down for displaying tatlong P's banners and for posting too much in one day hehehe. And yeah duplicate posts from my Grim Angel to My Nurses Notes. Forgot to delete the copies hehehe.
Utah Mommy said…
Hope you can grab more opps Mommy J. Yeah Big G is now on the loose again they are giving blessings and spanked some other blogs as well, on my part i am blessed my blogs has ranks. Thanks to Big G. God bless!

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