Friday, May 16, 2008

Hidden Fees...


Well, some are not actually hidden fees as they are usually written on the fine prints of whatever it is you're signing for. But as many of us know, very few actually read those fine prints so they must as well be hidden, 'ya know.

Anyway, I was reading my Good Housekeeping magazine earlier. One of the articles is about this: Hidden Fees. Did you know that here in the US those fees rack up to about $4 billion a year? Wow! According to the article that roughly $900+ per person.

What are some of these fees? You know the usual credit card late fees, or overdraft fees or some other fees that involve travel, etc. I personally don't deal with these kinds of things. My husband takes care of them. And he would really call if there is some discrepancy say in our phone bills or internet bills even if it's only for a few cents. His reasoning is: If all their customers pay those few additional cents, it will be by the millions of dollars.

I guess he's right. According to the article, those who call and question these 'fees' are 65% more likely to either get a refund or will be given some kind of a credit. So next time you see some charges in your statements that you don't know about, give their CS a call. I'm sure they will be happy to accommodate your call.

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