Hiring the Right People


When my husband and his partner decided to start with their business, they decided to hire a lady that used to work in their previous job. They thought she knew what she was doing because she’s been with the other company for years. Unfortunately, they were proven wrong when they found several discrepancies in their company financial books. They let go of the lady but they didn’t realize how much damage was done until tax time came. They needed to consult a tax audit lawyer in order to straighten up whatever mess was made by their former auditor. It was explained to them what needed to be done and recommended some changes. Fortunately, everything was fixed and no big damage came out of their former employee's mistakes. Now, they have a certified public accountant come in to help them with their books. They’ve learned their lessons and are hoping that this time, the person they hired will not do the same thing as the previous one…or they will be in big trouble.


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