The F-A-N-T-A-S-Y here....LOL!!! We're still having fun with that around here...well, I am at least. I am thinking of changing my blog title to: Fantasy Pinay WAHM....ROFLOL!! Just kidding....I would never do that....

Anyway, I have been on and off here because of 'werk'. Finally, after weeks, even months I think, we're working on a relatively big project starting today. 'Relatively' as the key word here because we used to get much, much bigger work before. But since it's virtually 'nada' for the past few months, I consider this one relatively big.

Anyway, I'd probably be in and out as well over the weekend. I'll try to work as much as I can tomorrow. I'm not sure what our plan is on Sunday...Mother's Day. Probably nothing but I still want to keep it open in case something comes up.

Update on our new house: Husband said the carpet is there and it looks good...Yeah! There is still some painting left to do but we don't know when it's going to be done. Hopefully everything will be done by next week.

Then comes the 'dreaded' walk-through. The walk-thru should be something exciting and pleasant because it means we're almost there BUT with all the screw-ups during the building process, I am not looking forward to it. I am hoping it's not as bad as we're thinking it is.

That's the wrap-up of my life this week..haha. I hope to visit ALL of YOU as soon as I get the chance. Thanks much to all who came by...I owe you one...maybe two...three? Ok...a lot! LOL.


bluedreamer27 said…
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