Hula Hoop Baby!!!


Yep, I may have found a way to get off my bee-hind and lose some unwanted pounds. I am too lazy to get on my treadmill so it's been sitting in a corner in our bedroom collecting dust...and it's collecting real good! LOL...

Anyway, I have been doing the hula hoop since last week and no, I have not lost a single pound...yet! Hopefully I can do it regularly since our little one is enjoying it so much. She finally started using her own hoop - the smaller one - so now I can use mine. I'm telling you, she's getting really good at it. The only problem is I have to cheer her on or watch her everytime so I can't concentrate on what I am doing.

Some asked for a picture of me doing the hula hoop! Yeah right! When I'm fit and ready, I will...haha... I already posted our little ones pictures doing it. Just imagine I'm the bigger version of her doing the hula's that?


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