Hula Hoop Face-Off!!


Yep, the little one and I just finished our very first "hula hoop face-off"! LOL! We've been doing short ones for the past few days but today, we had the longest one --- at least 30 minutes of hula hooping without dropping the hoops.

Who won? Well, she did technically BUT not really. She said she's really tired and she asked me if we could just stop since we're both trying to win. So I said ok and stopped. Guess what she did? She kept on going. Hmmp! Little booger tricked me.

I must say though that she's getting really good at this hula hooping. She's only been doing it for less than 2 weeks but she's becoming an expert already. She's even trying to walk while doing it. Next time I know she'll be doing some clown tricks while hula hooping.

At least I worked up some sweats and I had fun while doing it, too. Hopefully, it will help shed a few pounds here and there.


Marites said…
Wow! I was never able to get my hula-hoop up for several minutes. Hay! siguro, matigas lang talaga wankata ko hehehe! have a nice weekend. btw, this is my other blog..would u like to xlinks? the one that's in your link is my

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