I Bought a N-E-W CAR!!!!!!


Yep, I finally did! I am very excited about it so I'm sharing it with you all out there. It's not much but it's my first car so I'm very proud of it. Just kiddin'....

Here 'ya go! Tell me what you think!!!

My SWEET R-I-D-E!!!!

Like it? I only paid about $5 Mil on this one. I can let you touch it for a mere $1 K....LOLOLOL!

FYI: This Merceder SL600 was part of an auto show in 2006. After reading more about it, it seems it's not really covered with diamond BUT Swarkovski crystals and Bavarian White Mammoth seat covers.


jana said…
wow ganda nman ng new car mo jul, pwede pa touch hehehehe

kumusta sorry talaga at di ako naka dalaw na bc ang lola.

have a great day jul...
Cielo said…
pagganito ang car ko, pati paandarin di ko na magagawa kasi baka magasgas ang gulong hehehhe
Mummy Sheng said…
wow, cool car!

just want to thank you for your message of concern! i actually cannot believe it happened! hubby knew what those part of manila is like, but still he went there alone!

i was a nervous wreck when i got his call. i feel totally helpless! he said he's ok now, but i don't believe him.

thanks again and god bless!
Yesha said…
that's OMG !!! its so bling bling..and expensive ^_^

thats my dream car too but without the bling :)

blessedmom said…
wowoowow hotness momma! super hot ka talga! ganda ha! love ur car! pwede pasakay? hehhe :)

congrats ha! :)
Avee said…
ohhhh wowowowwww!!!!!! sis pretty car to ah! pwede mo yan sanla sa amin hahahha joke lang. Congrats for your new buddy.
how much daw yan? grabe! pag ganyan ang car mo siguro dapt bling2 din ang dress mo. kung panget naman ang driver e ppogi na rin basta ganyan ang car.

anyway' how do you bid sa mga ads? like if the bid is between $5-$20, how much should i bid para makuha ko?
francesca said…
wow, nice care. so glittery, kawaii!! :)
Nelle said…
wow, gorgeous and hot!! is this for real?! COngrats! love it!

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