Irresponsible People....


And I am not talking about people who don't do their's much worse than that. I just read in Yahoo about a couple of 'losers' [excuse the word] who put up a 7-day old baby for sale in Craigslist! Why? Because the baby was a 'surprise' and they want a better home for him/her! Yeah, right!

They said it's just a hoax but c'mon! It just baffles me what other people do. Let's say it's really a hoax which I personally think is a big L-I-E! Why would they put an innocent baby in such a risk? If it's indeed a hoax why did they a certain amount for any taker....Canadian $10,000?

I'm glad they're caught and I admire the lady who reported them to the Canadian police as soon as she read the advertisement. I just hope they get what they deserve and the baby be taken away from them. I can only imagine what future that baby has with these kind of parents.

from Yahoo News


Chobits said…
They are so cruel!!
Fortunatly the police caught them.
Hope they will learn a lesson.
Ritchelle said…
I am thinking of not having this 2nd kid too because I want a better life.I mean,I want to work and stop bearing a child but heck,Shady said,time flies fast.I shouldn't think that way but the positive.Who knows that I am bearing the future President of this country?Pero di naman din ako into politics so pano mangyayari un?

Haha,mga walang kwentang magulang!Benta nila sarili nila wag ang bata!
Prily said…
ah this is terrible...just bad!

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