It's Another Week...


And the countdown for Father's Day begins here in our house. Yes, you read that right. The little one has started her next mission...counting down for FD.

Anyway, today will be a bit busy on the home front. Cleaning is in the agenda. How much of it will be accomplished remains to be seen. I will be reporting on that later this evening, maybe.

Remember I blogged about our little one making a Christmas List as early as now? First on her list is a hoop! Yep, a 'hula hoop'! And guess what? Dad got her one on Saturday on his way home from work. It's been 2 days since she started using it and she's getting good at it.

Guess what? I also have one now....LOL! I showed the little one how to use and I realized I could still do a few 'swings'...hahaha. So I asked the husband to get me one yesterday when he went grocery shopping...and he did....good boy, eh?

Alrighty then...I'll park here for now. Thanks for coming over. See you around!


Nelle said…
I dont know to use a hoop to save my life! LOL.. u better teach me! or else!! hahaa

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