Keyboards and Toilet Seats...which is Dirtier?


Keyboards, of course! Well, that's according to a study by British magazine "Which". Okay before you panic and start throwing your keyboards again, read on....

The magazine used 33 keyboards, a toilet seat, and a toilet door handle. According to their findings 4 of the keyboards were said to be potential health hazards and 1 keyboard was even removed [and thrown away probably] because it has 150 times the pass limit of bacteria and was 5 times filthier than the toilet seat! Take note though that the study was only done in 1 office location. If this study was done where thousands were swabbed, then I'd probably panic. There was no information whatsoever as to what kind of an office these keyboards came, I'm not really sold to their findings...but that's just me.

Already then. I won't be questioning the findings...BUT I have one thing to say though: FIRE THAT PERSON WHO USED THAT KEYBOARD!!!

Oh...but did you know what could be dirtier than Keyboards AND Toilet Seats????? Mobile Phones....Tadaaa!!! LOL...


jana said…
yah I believ that keyboards are much dirtier, lalo na pag public use ewwwwwwwww

im here jul

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