LifeLock Beats Identity Theft


One of the things I am really scared of is becoming a victim of identity theft. My friend’s identity being stolen just made me more afraid of it happening to me. It seems that there is just no way to prevent identity. Tha is until lifelock came along. Now, even Webby Awards has recognized what lifelock is doing for the community. How? By nomimating it for Best Service for its 12th Annual Webby Awards. Now, Webby Awards is called as the Oscar’s of the internet so this is a big deal for lifelock and its customers. The internet has played a major role in promoting lifelock so being part of the Webby Awards nomination is something that is very important for the lifelock family. And if you want to be part of the lifelock family, why not join their team. Now is the perfect time as they need some good people to be part of their team.


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