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So I was browsing in the chatboard I go to everytime I'm not busy. Someone posted this link so I went to visit the website. It's called ManBabies.com. I'm not sure if it's funny or freaky! Here are some of the pictures and tell me if it's funny or freaky. Some look realistic though...

ManBabies.com - Dad?
GET MORE AT ManBabies.com!

ManBabies.com - Dad?
GET MORE AT ManBabies.com!

ManBabies.com - Dad?
GET MORE AT ManBabies.com!

ManBabies.com - Dad?
GET MORE AT ManBabies.com!

So what do you think?


Nova said…
kinda funny and also what are the sense why they do it sis?

thank you sa often visit mo te juls.. really appreciate your effort...

nakakatuwa na naman, kasi i was writing you using my dialect.. hehehe... to remember na your tagalog pala and i dont want you to have problem thinking what i'm telling you...

happy wednesday
PrimeProjects said…
He-he-he ... what a cheerful blog!

It provided a refreshing break for me while I was doing some online reasearch.

By the way, I found your blog through
pinaymommy's. Seems she has a kaboodle of friends.

Footholds For Favorable Outcomes
Sunshinelene said…
hi juliana, the pictures are very entertaining. hahahaa. u can really see how creatively crazy man is at times. hahahaha.

taek care and thanks for the visit earlier today.
it freaked me out!
homed pancit is masarap! lol
honey said…

The pictures are funny..

Anu kaya kung ganun ka gurang
pag baby tapos flawless na
pag naging matured na..

well..well..ang cute tingnan,,

Anonymous said…
Very funny! Naku, ano kayang mangyayari sa mundo kapagka bali-baligtad na ang lahat..naku, e nagsisimula na nga di ba??

Nwayz, thanks Julie sa visit..marunong na akong mag-drive pero di ko maisip yung mukha ng instructor kapagka nagroad test na ako, kinakabahan na nga ako..hay naku, buhay nga naman.bakit kasi alang pedicab dito o di kaya jeepney, bus o traysikad e di wla sanang problema..di ba?..kakainis tlaga, makabalik na nga sa pinas..hehhe..

Salamat nga pla sa dalaw mo don sa kulungan ko, dalaw ka uli ha..para madalaw din kita..lol..Ingat ka lagi sistah..babuuuu..
Vhiel said…
oh.. those pictures are freaky.. makatakot la...

got a tag for you here..

Normz said…
hheheheehh cute nila! thanks for the visit sis take care and have a nice day..
astilcove said…
hi just dropping by to your page...and then i got through the picture u post..man babies...ohhhh it is real??? ahehehe just wondering....

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