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I have read this story before and I felt that the woman who did it is a very cruel person. She is now indicted on federal charges for the crime she committed. So what is this MySpace hoax all about?

It's about a 16-year old girl who committed suicide after her 'fictional' boyfriend online broke up with her. She didn't have any idea at the time she committed the suicide that the boyfriend never really existed.

Who created the 'fictional' boyfriend? The 49-year old mother of a girl that used to be friends with the victim. They had a falling out and the mother aided her daughter and some friends in making this other girl believe that a 'fictional' boy was in love with her. The mother pretended to be fictional 16 year old Josh Evans and tried to woo the victim. The victim fell in the trap.

When the victim and the 'fictional' boyfriend broke-up, the victim had an argument with her mother. She committed the suicide in her bedroom closet afterwards.

When the woman who initiated this horrendous act learned about what happened - they're neighbors, by the way - she deleted the fictitious profile at MySpace and warned the girl who knew about the hoax to keep her mouth shut.

I have a young daughter so I cannot imagine how the mother of the victim must have felt upon learning what the other mother did. I am happy that something is being done to put this woman where she belongs. First, she is not a good example to her daughter and her friends. And second, she did not care about other people's feelings. Her case is something new so she may not even go to trial but there is a chance she will. I am hoping that she gets what she deserves.

from Yahoo News


Vhiel said…
happy friday... don't you just love it when its friday?

sarap magliwaliw..

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this should make your day. :) its kinda funny..
oh my gosh! that's a very shocking story. just goes to show that one should really be careful when one is on the internet.

But it is sad that more teens see suicide as the "only" way out... tsk tsk...

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