Packing Then Unpacking...


With the big move that’s happening soon, I have been packing on and off already. Since it’s getting really close, I have to start doing it regularly now. I have to pack a lot of things still since I am not even halfway done. I still need a lot more moving boxes to pack everything. I also need packing papers and some bubble wraps and tapes. I cannot wait until all of these come to an end. Just thinking about packing the rest of our stuff is making me tired. I don’t even want to think about unpacking them once we’re moved. Arrggghh! Help?


I can totally relate to this! hehehe. ^_^

I had to pack my things early so that I won't leave or forget anything but turns out that I still need to unpack somethings so that I could have anything to wear.

Good thing we only have to bring our clothes with us. Can't imagine if we had to move everything! ayayay! that would be extrememly exhausting!

Well... good luck! hehehe.

I have a great weekend thanks! ^_^ I'm just a bit lazy as usual... but I promise to start blogging tomorrow hehehe.
Allen's Darling said…
hi pinaywham

mustamos hehehe i got a tag for you here
happy weekend too

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