Price of Stamps Goes Up T-O-D-A-Y..!


Didn't see that coming. Well, I personally didn't because I don't normally send mails anymore. I just read in the news that stamp price is increasing by a cent starting today...from 41 cents to 42 cents, locally anyway. Most of our bills are paid either online or are automatically deducted on certain dates.

The husband bought the Forever Stamps a few weeks ago. He mentioned he was going to do that but I thought he just wanted to save a few pennies here and there. I didn't really think that the price increase is today.

Oh well, I hope you also got some Forever Stamps yourselves. Every little bit helps in this time of price uncertainty. I wonder when all the price increaser will ever stop. Don't you?


hello mommy j!

i just woke up. yeppee!! another night that i have slept early than usual. im a bit happy with it. though i probably missed some opps last night. hehehehe...

salamat sa visit. im happy that you always do.

@post..i think it's already normal that everything is increasing nowadays!! hehehehe
Anonymous said…
hi pohh dalaw ako dito ngayon. yep we mailed out our mother's day cards today kasi di ko makita ang mga stamps namin wait ko tong isa umuwi hahaha.

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