Racheal Ray's Dunkin Donuts Ad


So Rachael Ray has been doing these TV commercials on Dunkin Donuts. I've seen a couple of them and they were okay, I guess. I like watching her shows at the Food Channel but not the Rachael Ray Show that Oprah is producing.

Anyway, her commercials for Dunkin Donuts already came under fire by one food critic who said that her commercials are sending the wrong lessons to kids. How? Because it's for a donut company maybe?

Just recently, Ray's latest Ad for Dunkin was pulled out though by Dunkin itself. It has nothing to do with her endorsing the product but what she's wearing on the advertisement. Yes, her choice of wardrobe....particularly her S-C-A-R-F! Here's a picture I got from Yahoo.

Some people complained that the scarf she's wearing in the ad resembles kaffiyeh, the traditional Arab headdress. It seems that this particular piece of clothing symbolizes Muslim extremism and terrorism. Yep, the "T" word again....

So next time you choose a scarf to wear, make sure it is not a fringed black-and-white scarf that may resemble this scarf. You may just be accused of something.

from Yahoo


Anonymous said…
hurraayy!!! Di pwede ang mga pics sa blog kaya dun na lang sila a page namin. Matagal na din kasing di na update yun eh. anyways, good night!
hawig nga pero usually color red yon e. meron nga yon son ko sa bio ko huwag nya isusuot sa UP at baka magulpi sya.

olats. pero wala pa rin nanalo. may pagasa pa sa sunday.
mjsterling said…
oi hala may dunkin donuts pala dito? lol di ko alam yun ah1 di pa kasi ako naka kita dito sa lugar namin hmmmppp..niways musta na u mommy J? ako eto naka pag blog hop na sa wakas hehehe
Unknown said…
Diyos ko pati ba naman scarf? Mga tao talaga oo. Anyway, I like Rachel Ray. My daughter could stare at her for two hours when she was 3 months old. I guess it's the way she talks.

My husband loves dunkin donuts coffee, the hot kind.
HulaGirl said…
actually it has two colors red&white and the famous black&white i got black&white, and i have noticed that celebrities are wearing it as accessories, sino ba yon sa TV male performer or actor naka scarf din...
wag na mag accessories nang islamic scarf kc! toinks!

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