Senior Facility Search


Earlier today, I got a phone call from an Aunt. She’s inviting us to her place to attend the 80th birthday celebration of her dad. He is the step-grandfather of my husband and is the only grandfather that my husband really knew so he is quite close with him. After the call, I can’t help but think of what the future holds for Pop and Mom-mom. Right now, they are still living in their own house with a lot of help from relatives nearby. But Mom-mom who is now 84 had an accident at home recently so she's now on a wheelchair. So I’m thinking it may just be a matter of time before we start doing a senior facility search for nursing homes. Right now, they are still adamant on being independent but as days go by, their kids are starting to slowly make them see the advantages of being in a facility where they have help all the time and not just when someone is free. Hopefully, they will see that we only want what’s best for them and would agree to transfer to an assisted home.


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