Stark Museum of Art


One of the things that I probably miss about being a teacher in a regular school setting is the field trips we used to take with our students a couple of times a year. Yes, some students need extra discipline during such trips but we get to go to places during field trips that I wouldn’t usually go to on regular trips. One place that was almost always part of these educational field trips is the museum. I personally liked exploring the different things found in museums and learning more about them. I am not a history buff but I am interested in knowing the origin of things and field trips to museums would do that. It is during one of those field trips that I had the chance to actually see the beginning of Taiwan during one of our students’ field trips in the museum there.

Here in the US, one of the more famous museums is Stark Museum of Art which is found in Orange, Texas. This museum primarily explores the art of American West. It has the different collections on Western Art, Indian Art, Decorative Arts, and Rare Books and Manuscripts. Stark Museum of Art is obviously affiliated with The Stark Foundation. The main aim of The Stark Foundation is to improve the quality of life in West Texas by promoting education and the museum is their one way of doing that.

Stark Museum of Art is an ideal destination for education field trips for students all over the country. They get to see first hand how American West came about through their book discussion as well as their guest speakers. But the Museum is not only for school field trips, it is also for those who are just interested in American West like my husband who spends hours upon hours watching the History Channel. So if and when we visit Orange, Texas, Stark Museum of Art would be part of the Itinerary.


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