This is "Perf"....


That's our little one's latest expression, rather, new word - "perf". Can you guess what it stands for? Perfect!!!

My husband told me that she kept saying that when they were picking out the 'secret' Mother's Day gift. Everytime my husband would ask her, she'll say either: 'that's perf' or 'it's perf'...LOL.

I'm not sure where she got it from but I'm guessing from TV. It's just funny because she says it real cute.

Anyway, she 'almost' slipped and mentioned the 'big secret' while talking with Dad on the phone. The husband and I have a guessing game as to how long she'll be able to hold her tongue. We're both guessing she won't be able to keep it for long...not for the whole week anyway.

On occasions like this one where we give gifts, we're not even excited about the gift itself. We're more excited observing her reactions than anything else.

Ah...the perks of being a parent.


awe that's perf! hehehe... ^_^

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