To Do List....a Tag....

This a tag from Arlene of Dancing in Midlife. Very useful tag if I may say so. I don't really write a To Do List so this will be something new to me.

I'm sure I will have a lot of things to do once our much-awaited transfer happens but right now, my to-do list is kinda' short and redundant.

My list includes:

- household chores in general
- print some work sheets for the little one
- teach the little some new stuff

That's about it..not much eh?


proud Momma click here:
Hahaha I was also going to tag you with the same tag but tapos ka na pala with your "To Do List" ^_^

Anyway Happy Mom's Day! (Belated or Advance, I don't know what time and date it is there hehehe)
Sunshinelene said…
thanks for playing, juls. sorry i jst cameback to read it now. was busy. LOL!

thanks for the tag too.

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