Toothfairy Blooper....


Yep, yet another 'duh' moment by the "Tooth Fairy" in the S household. This the 4th time the TF came over. And if you have not been following the Tooth Fairy saga in our household, let me give you a quick background.

First time the little one lost her tooth, the "TF" came of course. Put the coins under her pillow then left....the tooth with the coins!!! I said, the "TF" is a Filipina probinsyana who never had an encounter with the TF...didn't know that the 'tooth' is an exchange for the coins...ahem!

The next 2 went okay as the TF took the teeth with her. Bravo!!

Just when she thought she got the job right Monday's 'duh' moment came.

The little one lost the 4th tooth, finally! Got really excited and went to bed early with the tooth under her pillow. The TF prepared the coins and was thinking of putting them in place before going to bed herself [yes, the TF here goes to bed]. Guess what??? She F-O-R-G-O-T!!!!

So the next morning, the little one came running to Mom who was still in bed as it's only 6:30 in the morning. Here's how the conversation went...

Little one: Mom, Mom...she didn't come!

Mom: Huh? What?

Little One: The tooth fairy didn't come. The tooth is still under my coins.

Mom: [disoriented of course, but starting to comprehend] Really? Maybe she got lost!

Little One: No, I think she went bankrupt. Remember you said that because I've been losing a lot of teeth!

Mom: Hmm...maybe. Why not go back to sleep. Maybe she's just late. [hahahahahahaha]

Little One: Okay.

So she climbed onto our bed and went back to sleep. The "now awake" Tooth Fairy snuck into her bedroom and strategically placed the coins under her pillow!

When she woke up again...voila..the coins were there! And they live happily ever after!

The End!...LOLOLOLOLOL....How's that for a happy ending....hahaha

Anyway, I was planning to write this down early Tuesday morning while waiting for her to wake up from that nap I "forced" her to take so the TF can do her job. But as I already mentioned here yesterday, my allergies had other plans for me that day so I wasn't able to do it.

I thought I'd post the before and after picture.

Before...when she only had the '4' front teethers..

Now....that she lost those '4' front teethers...

Hay...time surely flies. I can't believe she's growing this fast. Does anybody here have some kind of a potion to slow down time?


palibhasa galing tayo sa 3rd world counrty kaya hindi natin alam ang tooth fairy.

anyway, ethan's lower central incisors are already out though the 2 baby teeth are still there. kookee, the dentist, said it's ok to leave the 2 temps there til after 2 months. hindi ako mapakali e.gusto ko nga bunutin e kaso hindi naman umuuga.

no tooth fairy for ethan though as auntie kux has told him the whole sordid story of losing and gaining a tooth.

bukas, milyonarya na tayo woohoo!!!!
Nova said…
hahahahaa.. this is really a funny story.. .too bad sometimes TF totally got lost ha.... and forgot!!! as its not common here that tooth fairy thingy... hehehehe.. well i'm glad that she's happy after sleeping and hoping for a the coins.. hahahaha... i wonder what would her reaction be when she totally grows up and becomes a mom, and all she knew that TF were just her great mom.. hehehehe...

sis, i do love having twins, hopefully a boy and a girl, i am not sure too if its in our genes but i'm still hoping right? might not be in the generation of my mama, but hopefully it will runs into ours...

so far, i don't hear any from my cousins bares twins...

hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... i'm so happy for angelina and brad...
Nelle said…
lmao! That's too funny for me!! lol.. I like the disoriented ate J! haha plus when your little one said, "I think she went bankrupt" hahaha.. that was really funny, hmm, what have u been telling her eh? haha

hmm, you're looking for a potion? *winks* I think the charmed ones *ahem* can handle that! hahaha...
Anonymous said…
So TF isn't only from the province,she's also the matandang bingi na makalimutin pa...hahaha dami nyo pong sarili nyo po!

Cute ni Erica grabehhhhh...she's a gorgeous model hikhik!

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