Tundra Diamonds

Tundra diamonds, like other diamonds, are very difficult to cut because they are such a hard material. But Canadian diamonds do not have their famous beauty until after they are cut. The cut is what gives it character and great value. To cut a tundra diamond, there are five steps:
1. Planning
2. Sawing
3. Bruting
4. Polishing
5. Final Inspection

First, careful planning ensures that tundra diamonds retain maximum value by keeping the weight high and enhancing the color, in the case of colored diamonds.

Second, sawing or cleaving with a diamond blade or laser separates the diamond into pieces.

Bruting is the process of spinning two tundra loose diamonds next to each other so they grind each other down into round shapes.

Next comes the final polishing.

Finally, the tundra diamonds are cleaned in acids and then inspected to make sure they meet industry standards.

This process requires a lot of work from experts in the field. The end result is a gorgeous tundra diamond ready for purchase.


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