Twenty-Five Years After...


Most of my classmates in high school have not seen me in years. There were a few who I kept in contact with but it was mostly through phone calls then text or emails. Needless to say, the image that they had of me was that of the thin, long-haired girl in high school. I actually stayed that way until I started teaching. A few months ago, our high school started a website for alumni so we had a chance to reconnect and update each other with what has happened to and of us for last 20+ years. We posted pictures of ourselves and that of our families. Most of my former classmates are pleasantly surprised to see how I look today. I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or be offended but some even went as far as joking that I probably had some kind of a facial plastic surgery because I look better now. Well, that’s the wonder of make up and being happy and contented with life, I guess. Right now, I don’t have the courage to go through any kind of cosmetic surgery but it’s not impossible. Maybe one day, if I will ever have the courage to go through it anyway.


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