We Made It....


We're home and we made it out alive!! Haha..I'm exaggerating of course. We had one busy Saturday. Well, to me anyway. We got home about an hour ago, well about 2 hours maybe, from our appointments. We only had 2 appointments but we were out of the house from 9 AM - 4 PM.

We met with the 'drapery people'...I meant person. We only met with the owner of a local drapery company. He's an older guy who is originally from New York. He's very nice and very helpful as we were practically clueless as to what we want. He gave us plenty of options and suggestions which we of course gladly took. We had the meeting from about 9:30 - 12 noon. He took a liking to our little one and gave her a toy kangaroo right there and then. He also promised to make her something special for the blinds in her bedroom...nothing big but I find it very sweet because he noted it on the paper. He told her it's a surprise...which is not good because now I have to deal with all the questions regarding the surprise. Hmmp...

Anyway, it's financially painful but it has to be done. We didn't choose anything fancy as our budget is limited. But I like what he said: "Decorating your house is a work in progress!"...so that's what we'll do, do it one room at a time.

Like I said, nothing fancy but man...the hole in our pocket is just getting bigger and bigger. We still have a lot of things to buy but we're trying to do it one thing at a time. We are only taking some of our big stuff here to the new house and one of them is NOT the couch...so we may have to sit on the floor for the first few weeks...LOL.

After lunch we went to the house and waited for the cable guy. He came a bit earlier than schedule so that's good. He hooked us up right away...that means we are ready to go when it comes to BLOGGING!! Hahaha....well, after we hook up the computer and router of course. We stayed there for 2 hours. Our little one had fun playing outside with her bubbles. It's very hot though...like mid 90s so we only stayed for a few minutes outside. We had to go back in because we were sweating already.

So that's the reason why I have not had the chance to go around hopping...well I did some hit backs before I started writing this.

Anyway, thanks for the visit my fwends. I'll try to hop as much as I can later on. For now, I have to eat my dinner of "I don't know what!"... Ciao!


blessedmom said…
hi mommy j! i'm so happy everything is goin' well as its supposed to be khit mejo palaki ng palki gastos...anyway, it's worth it...keep us updated ha! dont forget to take some pics! :)

take care always, especially to ur pretty daughter! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi dear, I don't know the thing going in there but I wish you good luck!..thanks for hitting me back, I've seen no money yet they're soooo hard to look, ay to get pala...hehehe..you have a great weekend there and take care! babuuu..
Michelle said…
hi mommy julz, busy pala ang beauty mo ngayon. hehe ganyan talaga pag may sariling bahay, maraming dapat bilhin dahil kailangan. happy sunday! :)
honey said…
Hi ate J. happy Sunday!
Its a late visit for me,
as I have done lots
and lots of things here
and there also..hahhahaa...

Sabi nila te, comments
daw my impact in terms of PR,
kaya I'll make sure to
have one for you each day.

God bless...
Gorgeous MUM said…
good to know your day went as planned!

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