We're Almost There...


Yep, the house/building has been 'finaled' last week. The sod was laid today. Hubby met with the guy in-charge of that during his lunch break and will meet him again at around 6:45 PM tonight. The guy who will install the sprinkler will be there so we can get the quote for that...and have the sprinkler installed ASAP.

We were told at first that the sod can be put in place right before or after we move in so we can water it BUT that's not the case now. The builder told as last week that it has to be done before closing...which is targeted this week. So now we have to hurry up and look for someone to install the sprinkler as it can be timed. That will at least solve the problem of who's going to take care of the grass if nobody's living in the house yet.

This would be one busy week for us if plans push through. Someone called about this house we are living in right now. My husband said that she seemed real interested...crossing everything here that we may be able to sell this one before we vacate it. As much as we want to make money selling it, it's just not feasible right now with the state of the economy and the real estate. So we're going to take whatever we can as long as we're not losing any money in doing so.

Some good thoughts are requested from you my dear friends so we can do the transition as smooth as possible. Thanks much!


tx sweetie said…
wow ang galing.finally tapos na ang ang magiging pugad nyo habang buhay Miss J.E invite nyo ako sa bleesing ha?

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