Wicker Furniture


Summer is around the corner and you retired your old outdoor wicker furniture set last year. With so many outdoor furniture styles to choose from it can be difficult to choose the right one. Perhaps the two most popular styles this year are outdoor wicker furniture and cast aluminum furniture. Both of these furniture formats come in a variety of styles from traditional to ultra modern but the real reason people are so excited about these styles is that they are built to truly last outdoors!

Most patio furniture will fade in the sun and rust if not brought indoors but we can now produce products that are UV resistant and non corrosive. Aluminum is the new metal of choice in outdoor furniture and is used to make Cast aluminum and all weather wicker outdoor furniture. Aluminum doesn’t expand like iron or steel when it oxidizes and actually grows stronger as it weathers. Plus aluminum doesn’t show like iron does as it rusts; oxidized aluminum is the same color as not oxidized aluminum. When combined with UV resistant fabrics such as Sunbrella® both cast aluminum furniture and all weather wicker furniture will look as good as new years from now.

The only downside to these new all weather wicker furniture formats is that they can be quite costly, especially when compared with cheap wooden and plastic substitutes. The good news is that for those who live in warm climates, it can turn your patio, pool or garden into paradise. Plus you are denying the impulse to buy cheap throw away outdoor furniture that you’ll have to replace in a few years. Part of saving the world’s environment is buying sustainable products that will last for decades without adding to our landfills. When you consider all that, quality cast aluminum and all weather wicker furniture is well worth the price.


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