Wild and Free...iTunes Card!


While packing some of our stuff for the move, I came across some photos of my husband on a vacation. So I asked him where those pictures were taken. He said that they were taken in North Carolina and some were taken in Los Angeles. He said that he was in Los Angeles in June of 1999. Well guess what? I was in Los Angeles during that time. It turned out we were taking a vacation in the same location at the same time. Of course we didn’t meet then as we met a year and a half later but I think that’s just cool because we were probably roaming around the same places at the same time. There are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles but tourists tend to converge in the same places. We compared notes and there was a big chance that we may have been in the same places on the same days.

As a family though, we have only been in 2 big tours so to speak. We went to Los Angeles, yes, Los Angeles as a family a few years ago and in Orlando last year. But we are planning in going to do some sightseeing tours in the years to come. We have not decided yet where to go but I’m trying to read as much as I can on different cities that we can probably go to. Things to do in Atlanta are something to consider as there’s a lot of things we can do there as a family. If and when we decide to do on this tour, Trusted Tours & Attractions will be the first site I will visit as they have different choices for family vacation packages. Actually, I may just sign up for their newsletter because by signing up I have the chance to be part of their special promotion and may win $150 itunes gift card. Sweet!


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