Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 Years Younger


If you asked me 10 or so years ago if I will ever go through any kind of a procedure to improve my looks, my answer would have been a big N-O! But that’s 10 years ago, which means I was 10 years younger and a few pounds lighter. Gravity was also my “friend” then. Today, I will definitely consider it if I can afford it. Why not? With the advancement of technology, going through these kinds of procedures are not as risky as it was a few years ago. One place that offers surgical procedures is the PARS Institute in California. This place offers facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, brow lift etc and body procedures such as breast enlargement San Dimas. San Dimas is just one of their branches as they also have branches in Beverly Hills, Orange County and Encino. So if you are contemplating about improving your looks to boost your self-esteem or just because, check the PARS Institute. They may just have what you’re looking for…to be 10 [or more] years younger.

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